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Shop, Pack & Wrap your shoebox at ‘The Little Elves’ Pop-Up Shop
Visit ‘The Little Elves’ pop-up shop at Canal Walk Shopping Centre during October to shop, pack and wrap your shoebox for the 2014 annual Santa Shoebox Project Christmas gifting campaign. In the spirit of giving back to the community, Good Hope FM has created a life-size shoe box ‘shop’ that will stock everything required to fill a festive shoebox for girls and boys aged three to seven, to be delivered to children across the Western Cape in time for Christmas. More
Press Release
Market research is dead (boring): long live market research!
Thanks to the information age, the world is drowning in a sea of data – but the team at WhyFive Insights is offering a lifeboat solution to anyone involved in the brand-building business. If American media is to be believed, 90 percent of all the data in the world today was created in the past two years. And even though a technology-lag softens the impact in South Africa, we haven’t escaped the data-flood that that often arrives in a tidal wave of scary charts and tables that land up being dumped in a dark place and left to die. How sad. Imagine if those facts and figures were unpacked, re-packaged and presented in a way that made a practical difference to the way marketers understand the relationship between their brands and the marketplace – and how to put a smile on a customers face. Say hello to WhyFive. More
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