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Amplifying BrandMapp stories

Leading consumer insights consultancy, WhyFive has announced their appointment of liquidlingo Communications to drive BrandMapp storytelling across media and social media channels.

The annual BrandMapp survey, which began a decade ago, captures the opinions of more than 33 000 South Africans living in households with a R10 000+ monthly income. It’s the country’s most significant research into its tax-paying base which is responsible for 80% of consumer spend.

WhyFive Director Stuart Lowe says, “Every year, there are literally thousands of great consumer stories locked in the treasure trove of our data. Even though our in-house storytelling is well-developed, we still only have time to share a fraction of the illuminating insights and narratives that give our clients a competitive advantage. Working with liquidlingo gives us greater scope to bring more BrandMapp stories to light and share them with the media and marketing world.”

Jackie Busch, founder and owner of liquidlingo Communications and a specialist in social impact PR is excited by the wide range of BrandMapp stories that span how South Africans are thinking and feeling about every aspect of their lives, and how that impacts on their consumer choices. “The depth of the BrandMapp research, and the versatility of the data-set means that we can draw unique and detailed insights,” she says. “The stories are vivid and fact-based and provide prescient insights into how companies and brands can engage with South African consumers in more meaningful ways. We believe that good stories should never go to waste, so this is a fantastic opportunity to craft the authentic narratives of South Africans heartaches and challenges, hopes and dreams.”

Lowe concludes, “At WhyFive Insights, we’re passionate about playing our part in a better South Africa, and we believe that improvements happen when informed, data-driven decisions are made by companies and their marketing agencies, as well as government and non-profit entities. Jackie Busch and her team at liquidlingo share our enthusiasm for the power of stories to change lives for the better, so this is a natural step for the evolution of BrandMapp.”


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