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Elizabeth Arden White Tea Eau de Parfum

White Tea celebrates the pleasure of a life finely crafted. Discover the simple joy of defining a moment for yourself and savouring the personal reflection that comes with it. Tailor the world to your own private pleasure.

Bottle the spirit, add a touch of serenity, and enjoy. White Tea invites you to share in the beauty that surrounds you every day.

From the creators of the original White Tea Eau de Toilette collection, Elizabeth Arden introduces the NEW elevated fragrance White Tea Eau de Parfum, offering a distinctive way to experience the fragrance. It is a deeper concentration of the beloved scent. Composed by master perfumers, using exquisite ingredients and crafted using VivaScentz™ technology, a new chapter in fragrance making. Givaudan’s VivaScentz™ technology offers a sensory innovation that awakens a deeper sense of well-being with mindful sustainable sourced ingredients.

VivaScentz™ technology is a fragrance design tool allowing perfumers to create compositions that will enhance well-being, based on the understanding of the link between fragrances and wellbeing.

Elizabeth Arden’s White Tea Eau de Parfum leverages the olfactive territory of florals infused with a crisp, clean aspect taking you to a moment that is just for you to enjoy. Find your moment!

The Fragrance:

NEW White Tea EAU de PARFUM: A crisp and vibrant floral with a lingering warmth that takes you to a moment of blissful escape.

Top Notes: Italian Mandarin, Sea Breeze Accord, Clary Sage

Heart Notes: White Tea Accord, Mate Absolute, Upcycled Rose Water, Jasmine Petals

Base Notes: Tonka Bean Absolute (Ethically Sourced), Trio of Tranquillity Musks, Amberwood

Instilling feelings of joy, peace, confidence, and comfort, the fragrance is both a sanctuary and a catalyst for positivity. White Tea invites you to enhance every moment by rejuvenating your energy. This soulful approach to well-being is also a form of self-love. An invitation for the mind and body to feel more free, more connected, and more whole.


White Tea Eau de Parfum: An exquisite take on the current White Tea silhouette that adds dimension and serenity. A tall, slender satin white bottle complemented with a satin matte gold cap. Carton is FSC certified.


R 1,185.00 (100 ml), R785.00 (30 ml)


Available online and now in-store at leading pharmacies and department stores nationwide.


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